Get Your Tractor Ready for Winter

Get Your Tractor Ready For Winter

Heater cabs, tractor tire chains, skid steer enclosures, and more are available from All States Ag Parts for most tractors and skid steers.

Simple tips to winterize your vehicles and equipment to combat winter's worst weather.

Battery Care

A high cranking amp battery is best for cold weather. At least 800 to 1000 cold cranking amps (CCA). Check battery connections. Prior to cold weather setting in check all of your battery terminals and grounds. Remove any oxidation and make sure connections are tight and secure. A battery heater can help keep your battery cranking power at its maximum during cold winter weather.

Tire chains

Four wheel drive and ag tires do wonders in the dirt but on a sheet of ice quickly lose their traction. Add rear tire chains and, if needed, front ones (4x4 only). All States Ag Parts carries a complete line of tractor tire chains, as well as skid steer chains.


Check correct antifreeze to water ratio in your radiator. For most areas a 50/50 mixture works well. Check the back of your antifreeze container and use the appropriate ratio for your climate.

Engine Oil

Synthetic oil can help your engine turn better on those really cold days. Synthetic oil does not thicken as quickly as conventional oil when cold. In addition, use an engine heater to warm oil and maintain proper oil vicsocity.


Check that all lights are functioning properly. Days are rapidly getting shorter and you'll rely on these lights more in winter.

Install Hitches

Install hitches and other devices you may need to attach snow removal equipment.


If you are storing your tractor for the winter, winterize your fuel with a product such as Sta-bil. Sta-bil storage fuel stabilizer will keep your gasoline fresh for up to 2 years.

Hydraulic oil

Just like engine oil, cold hydraulic oil can become very thick and take time to warm up. You can help reduce the time by using ATF or synthetic hydraulic oil. Use a tank heater to keep hydraulic oil from thickening.

Check all Hydraulic Hoses for Damage or Leaks


Grease all of the tractor's grease points. It is also a good idea to apply a light coat of grease to all exposed cylinder rods to help prevent corrosion.

Keep Yourself Warm

Check your blower motors or add auxillary heaters to keep your cab warm. All States Ag Parts has a great selection of vinyl heater cabs that will keep you warm in your tractor. We also have enclosures for skid steers.