Baler Maintenance Checklist

Avoid costly repairs and unwanted delays with a proper baler maintenance routine.


Keep the Machine Clean

Like any other piece of equipment, a baler must be clean before being used. If debris were to build up, complications could quickly arise that would lead to downtime and loss of equipment. Consider having a regular cleaning schedule for areas that experience debris buildups.


Keep Manufacturer’s Manual Available

Referring to the official checklist or manual that came with your baler is an excellent safeguard for ensuring it functions properly. Whenever you’re unsure of any replacement, cleaning task, or other required maintenance, your manufacturer-provided resources should have the information you need.


Inspect Frequently

It would help if you used no piece of heavy machinery without proper inspection. It allows you to keep an eye on pieces that you know are vital to the safe operation of the baler. Since an inspection is an essential part of your baler’s functionality, you should check a substantial list of items daily. These include the following:


Other pieces that can be inspected weekly include, but are not limited to, the following:


Practice Preventative Maintenance

Prevent preventative maintenance ensures your baler runs smoothly like the last two measures. Various parts of your baler will need replacing after constant use. Specifically, worn parts should be checked and replaced before complications arise and run into unplanned downtime. Your baler’s manufacturer should have provided resources that give further information on the lifespan of significant parts that will need replacing.


Oil Maintenance Plan

Since your baler’s oil is critical to the health and functionality of the machine, you should check and change it often. Keeping plenty of AW68 oil on hand is wise for your maintenance needs.


Keep Spare Parts On-Hand

Purchasing and keeping spare parts is crucial to never run into extended and unplanned downtime. If a part were to need replacing, and you didn’t have it on hand, you could experience delays of multiple weeks depending on the part. Each baler may have various parts that need frequent replacement. You can check the resources you’ve been provided or reach out to your baler provider to learn the parts.


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